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The Official BKNYSports League

14" Coed Softball Rules

1. 10 total players will play in the field at a time. Both teams are allowed up to 6 guys in the field at any position. There are no rules on who must play which positions. Cheerleader is not a position. Neither is jerk.
Let’s have fun!

2. All active players will be put into the batting order. If you will be playing in the field even for 1 inning, you will be batting all game. You can change fielding positions all you would like, but once the game starts, the batting order may not be altered for any reason. The batting order is at the discretion of the team, but including bottom to top of the lineup, the order should be GUY, GUY, GIRL, GUY, GIRL. The order will repeat after that. Each team will submit two line up sheets to the umpire prior to the start of the game. The lineups should include a list of the GUYS and list of GIRLS. It is the responsibility of the team to make sure the rules are followed. 

3. Once the pitcher has the ball in their control, and is on the mound, “time” will be called and the play ends. No runners may advance. If a runner is ahead of the base when the pitcher has control on the mound, the runner may still advance, but the umps will call time if no aggressive move is made to advance. The pitcher having the ball on the mound doesn’t automatically end the play and send runners back, it’s just so people can’t keep screwing around once the play is basically over.

4. No metal spikes allowed!

5. Batters start with a 1-1 count. A foul is a strike. Can't strike out on foul ball.

6. Strikes, Balls, Outs: Pitch and safe/out calls are up to the sole discretion of the game umpire. Don’t even try arguing with the ump. This is a social rec league so chill out dude.

7. A good softball pitch has a height of the batter until twice the height of the batter and lands on home plate or the strike mat. Pitches outside these guidelines are balls. And don’t try to get walked. That’s lame. The pitchers are not seasoned professionals, so swing at a decent pitch.

8. On an overthrow to first or third, runners are only allowed to advance to the next base beyond where they were at the time the ball went out of play. This base is not simply awarded, you must still reach it on your own effort. Overthrows to second base are considered live balls and does not apply to the overthrow rule.

9. We enforce an "Infield Fly Rule" only if a double play is turned on a dropped ball that flew up in the infield with an arc of 15-20+ feet. Therefore this will rarely be called, but if it is will be called after the play has ended. This is simply to prevent players from trying to pull a fast one and intentionally dropping easy fly balls to turn a double play. Just play with integrity on this please. It is entirely the umps judgement call when to enforce this rule.

10. There are no lead-offs. If you lead off you will be called out. You may leave the base as soon as the ball is hit. You may tag up on all balls (including fouls) that are caught. If you don't know what tagging up is, ask someone on your team!

11. Bunting is not allowed. Neither are intentional walks! That’s ridiculous. Just don’t do it. If a guy is walked with 2 outs the team may send up their next guy to bat, or they can send up the girl that was supposed to bat after the guy that got walked. Even if the walk was not intentional this rule applies. If a team chooses to send up their next guy on the roster list, they will then go back to where there were in the batting order rotation before this situation. This rule is mainly in place to prevent pitchers from "accidentally" walking a guy with 2 outs to get a girl up in a tight game which is kind of lame but some teams try to do that thinking it's "strategic". It's actually pretty lame so this is to prevent you from trying to play unfairly.

12. Games are 7 innings or one hour from game start time, but no inning will begin with less than 10 minutes remaining. Ties are allowed if no time remains, but we’ll do everything in our power to break the tie. If 2 teams tie, the world is not going to end. Just hug it out and have a drink. There’s always playoffs redemption!

13. A game is considered a complete game if 4 full innings have been completed. If a game is rained out and 4 full innings have been played, the game may be declared official and the score counted as complete.

14. There is a 7 run slaughter rule for innings 1-6, unless one of those innings is declared the final inning of the game. The 7 run inning slaughter rule does not apply if your team is losing by 4 or more runs going into that inning. There is no game slaughter rule. If your team just gets absolutely stomped, there are plenty of shots waiting for you at the bar.

15. There is a STRICT NO CONTACT RULE in effect that BOTH teams must be aware of. Runners must do everything they can to avoid contact, but fielder also must be aware of where they are positioned in relation to the runners and do everything in their power to avoid contact as well. Fielders, DO NOT BLOCK THE BASES. If you block the base or impede the runner from getting to the base, interference may be called and the runner called safe. The ump will make the call as to who's at fault with the contact and make the appropriate call as to whether it is safe or out. Situations that arise from contact may warrant a playing being ejected from the game at the ump’s discretion. It is the umpire’s judgment call as to what the call will be. Just remember that this is a fun league and we're here to just have fun!

16. Your team forfeits if by 10 minutes after scheduled game start time, you do not have at least 8 players, including at least 2 of each gender. The score of a forfeit game will be 10-0. Tell your team as soon as you know if you can’t make a game!

Rule Committee Update
1.  No Metal Spikes/ Cleats.
2.  The Pitcher must have one foot on the rubber during the pitch. 
3.  If your team has 10 players available, including at least 4 girls your team cannot recruit subs.  During a playoff game your team will forfeit the game if you do not have your own complete team. You may find a sub and play the game but the victory will still go to the other team.  
4.  Outfielders have to be at least 10-15 feat back from the infield when a Girl is up to bat.  This will be marked by the addition of a small cone.
5.  Fielders cannot block the bases.  There must be a clear pathway for the runner to touch the base. The runner is allowed to slide into the base.        

Those are the rules! Just remember to play fair, have fun, and be safe.

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