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In case you were wondering...

_I am not the most stellar athlete…are these leagues right for me?

  • Of course! We run recreational social leagues for adults of all skill levels. While we obviously will be playing sports which involves trying to win, we are all here to meet new people and just have a good time. The leagues are just the catalyst for us to get together, but having a drink and getting to know the other players at the league's sponsor bar is the best part!

When is the deadline to sign up?

  • Our leagues have sold out every single time, so registration will close once all spots are taken on the teams. We often close registration several weeks before the first game to get organized, make teams and have our Get to know your team Initial Mixer Event (depending on the league), so if you'd like to play join right away!

Does my team need to find its own sponsor bar to go to after games?

  • Nope! That's the best part about these leagues. The whole point is for us to ALL walk to the same place after games to booze and schmooze. We work out great specials for you at our sponsors, so don't worry, we've got you covered. We love our BKNY sponsor bars, and they will love you.

What is the general age range of participants in this league? I don't want to be the youngest or oldest person there!

  • Our league forms teams with participants 21-42 years of age. Teams we make will be formed with about a 4-8 year age range. For example, If you're 28, you might be on a team of 24-28, 25-32 or 28-34 year olds. If you have a preference, just shoot us an email and we'll make sure to hook it up. While you play with those in your general age group, you will be having a beer with everyone!

I don't live in the city, but I want to play! Can I join?

  • Of course you can. There are always players from various suburbs around the New York area. Come spend some time in the city and find your inner metro child.

How many friends can I join with? I may need a wingman/winglady.

  • If you don't have a full team to sign up you can join with a couple friends and let us fill your team with new people. All of your friends are welcome to join, but don’t be afraid to sign up with just one friend or even solo. It's effortless to make friends and meet people in this league.

How are the indy teams you make put together?

  • By age range and the neighborhood you live in. And friend requests obviously. About half guys, half girls.

Are there playoffs? I want the trophy!

  • There are no trophies guys and gals…But there are playoffs in every league based on season records and every team makes it in. Some leagues have multiple week playoffs, some have a tournament. Ok, what the heck, each league does have its own prize, but please don't join just to win. That totally defeats the purpose of these leagues! Winning is just a bonus. Remember we're here to have a good time right?

Is there a refund policy? Just in case I move?

  • League fees are fully refundable if the player sends an email requesting a refund more than 30 days before the scheduled first game date. At or within 30 calendar days of your season's first game date, refunds are not allowed for the following reasons including but not limited to inability to play due to injury, illness, relocation, non-singleness, etc. This is because there are a limited number of places in the league and online registration closes several weeks prior to the mixer event date to prepare for the season. At this time teams are made and finalized. Within 30 days of the first game date and at any time during the season, only replacements that you yourself find are allowed. He/she will have to email us registration information (name, email, phone number, etc), but then pay you directly for what you agree upon for their league fees. He/she will not be allowed to play without submitting this information and without informing the league of this switch. In this situation, all replacements must be of the same gender and around the same age. There is a chance we will be able to replace you with another interested player, but again this is in no way guaranteed or to be expected. We want all spots on teams filled, so if there are no more places and someone wants to play that fits yours spot, we will replace you with that person and provide a full refund minus a $25 player replacement fee for the logistical work (headache) involved in switching you out with another player. League fees are non-refundable regardless of the circumstances at any time during the season. Once replaced during the season, you may not re-enter the current season for any reason.

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