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14" Coed Softball

McCarren Park - Thursday  Evenings

League Details:

First Games:              Thursday, August 10th 

Final Games:             Friday, September 29st *potentially extended due to                                        rainouts

Length:                      7 Weeks (Playoffs final 2 weeks and ALL teams make the                                   playoffs!

Game Start Times:      First 4 weeks: 2 games at 6PM & 2 games at 7PM on                                          Thursday evenings at McCarren Park. After this Games                                      are on Friday Evenings at Queensbridge Park at 6PM,                                        7PM, 8PM and 9PM,   *your time varies each week

Location:                    McCarren Park Fields and Queensbridge Park

Sponsor Bar:               TBD 

Parking:                      Plenty of street parking.  L train exit Bedford & G train                                       exit Nassau and F train exit 21 St Queensbridge                                                 Station resepctively 

Team Fees:                  $1,500

                                   Email BKNY Sports to register your team!

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